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Training & Development

Our Innovation Courses

We focus on training and development to build the innovation capabilities of Strategy, Capacity and Discipline


High Performance Innovation

Embed Innovation Capability in your organization by learning about the three core competencies of innovation.

Core Courses




  • Understand the key drivers for innovation
  • Quantify emerging growth gap and need for innovation
  • Understand your company’s investment and risk profile to define your strategic innovation portfolio

Key Takeaways

  • Link innovation to a strategic imperative
  • Quantify the growth gap to quantify the amount needed from innovation
  • Agree on types of project investment by defining your innovation portfolio
  • Frameworks, Tools and Techniques for driving change and developing an innovation strategy and innovation concepts
  • Success and failure stories about innovation strategies at a range of companies e.g. Motorola, P&G, LG, Cemex, etc.

Course Outline

  1. Innovation Definition
  2. Strategic Targets and Imperatives
  3. Landscapes and Fields-of-Play
  4. Platforms and Lead Concepts
  5. Timing Horizons and Pipelines
  6. Value Chains and Partners



  • Organization & Structures to support and speed decisions for innovation
  • Processes & Systems to drive ideas seamlessly to commercialization
  • Resources & Competencies to get high impact innovation results

Key Takeaways

  • Get insight into the challenges of making innovation real across organization
  • Learn about the “disconnected” innovation processes in your company and begin thinking about how to connect them
  • Framework to organize and plan for your resource needs
  • Importance of organization and structures to connect across the organization and beyond

Course Outline

  1. Overview of Innovation Process
  2. Fuzzy Front End
  3. Dynamic Pipeline Management
  4. Strategic Portfolio Management
  5. Innovation Resources
  6. Innovation Organization



  • Set targets and metrics for your innovation strategy
  • Alignment and successfully manage your innovation initiatives
  • Support an innovation culture and climate with organizational alignment and performance management systems that make innovation pervasive

Key Takeaways

  • Understanding of how to think and act differently based on key barriers and drivers to innovation and the written/unwritten rules of our game
  • Identification and dimensioning of the most important innovation metrics based on the strategic innovation objectives and initiatives
  • Balanced scorecard and Dashboard for your Innovation strategy and implications for your performance management systems

Course Outline

  1. Innovation Leadership, Organization, Learning and Culture
  2. Goal Setting and Measurement
  3. Scorecards, Dashboards and Performance Management Systems

Elective Courses


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