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Universities: Growth Through Innovation Action Project with Real Company

Designed, organized and managed by the IXL Center, the Hult Action Projects is a program offered at the Hult International Business School – now the largest business school in the world with campuses in Boston, Dubai, London, New York, San Francisco, Sao Paulo and Shanghai.

The Hult Action Projects is a 6-week action-learning capstone project for Hult students. It provides an exclusive opportunity for students to work closely with each other as well as executives from companies and organizations, and experienced business mentors in a real-world business context. Each company receives five teams of five international business students. Five teams compete with each other to be the winner of the best intelligence, insights  and actions for you to win.

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IXL Center helps CESA to Become a Leading Educational Institution in Colombia and Overseas

The Challenge

Can CESA develop an exciting and compelling image of its future and a roadmap to getting there?

IXL Approach

IXL did a benchmark exemplars for CESA, a list of Strategic Choices and Suggested Decision Criteria to use to get alignment, a clear vision what the CESA will look like and how it will be positioned and a roadmap with clear action and contingencies, and likely resourcing requirements to get there

The Outcome

CESA focuses in personalized education on training the best business leaders in Colombia. CESA has delivered to society more than 2,600 undergraduate graduates and nearly 3,000 postgraduate graduates, who together have created more than 250 companies and generated more than 15,000 jobs.

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