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 Statistically it is proven that companies who have

a more diverse and innovative supplier base

drive more sustained and profitable growth than the companies who don’t…

Jump Start Inclusion & Innovation 


Exciting business challenges as selected and hosted by the business leaders of your company


Application entrees from over 500 diverse suppliers against the hosted challenges


Experienced coaching from senior innovation leaders at IXL Center to the finalists


A transformative “Shark –tank” like pitch event from the finalists to the senior executives

A truly immersive, exciting and engaging 3 month supplier diversity and innovation program that concludes with a transformative “Shark –tank” like pitch event to the senior executives of the company. 

 IXL Center uses a proven six step approach to run this program and co-leads it along with your company internal team

Set of user friendly software tools, platforms & frameworks for program execution

Engagement platform

Application portal

Learning Management System

Proven & robust frameworks

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We have worked with more than 100 of the biggest companies in the world that vary in corporate size, scope and reach

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